Cherry + Almond + Kale Smoothie

We have all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  This is as true as saying Justin Timberlake is the most beautiful man on earth (except my husband).  Breakfast  kick starts our metabolism and gives us the brain fuel we need to take on the day. Although I know this to be true, the simple task of making time to sit down for breakfast seems close to impossible.  It is a scramble to get out of bed,  showered, dressed and out the door on time. Which is why smoothies are my saving grace.   They are the perfect  on-the-go breakfast.  Quick, nutritious and delicious. To cut down on prep time in the morning, chop all ingredients the night before and put them in a mason jar. Come morning all you have to do is toss the mason jar contents into your blender, blend and go!

A few more reasons a Cherry Almond Kale smoothie is the right way to start your day…

-It will give you more energy than hitting snooze.

-Eating a nutritious breakfast ensures you won’t get hangry (hungry + angry) before lunch.

-Sitting in traffic is much easier when sipping on a delicious smoothie.

-You will be more focused and productive at work, which will lead to a promotion which means more money to spend at the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale







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2 Replies to “Cherry + Almond + Kale Smoothie”

  1. I keep wanting to start smoothies but I just haven’t gotten my act together yet. If I can only do one ‘seed’ for now, what is the absolute best addition for the smoothie? I’m looking to loose weight and get healthified.

    1. Great question! Once you get into a groove of making smoothies you will never look back. It is the fastest way to add vital nutrients to your diet. The one seed I always put in my smoothies are hemp seeds.They are a great source of easily digested protein (11 grams in 3 Tablespoons), essential fats and minerals. Hemp seeds can assist in weight loss, increased energy and reduce inflammation. All of which will contribute to you getting healthified! Another reason hemp seeds are my fav, they have a very mild almost buttery taste and blend well into smoothies. Another tip for smoothies- most fruit blends well with spinach and kale, so go ahead and use whatever you have in your fridge. Thanks for stopping by The Honest Kitchen!

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