Fresh Limes + Mango Salsa + Grilled Salmon


On our drive from Seattle to Austin, my husband and I stopped at his parent’s house in Palm Desert. Standing tall and proud in their backyard is a lime tree. It was a sight for sore after 16 straight hours in the car. What’s a girl to do when given access to hundreds of fresh limes? Make a lime and mango salsa, of course!  We grilled up some salmon to go along with the salsa. I was expecting the salmon to be the shining star of the meal, but it turned out the mango salsa was the biggest hit. At one point Taber was scooping it up by the spoonful. I think he liked it.

This recipe makes quite a bit of salsa (3 1/4th cup).  The extra salsa will remain fresh for 4 days (if it lasts that long). If you aren’t in the mood for salmon, the salsa also pairs well with grilled chicken or served with chips as an appetizer.


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