Chocolate + Cherry Tart


September is a busy birthday month for my family. I’m talkin’ 4 birthdays in 30 days.  Living in another state makes it difficult for us to participate in the family b-day celebrations, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating. Last night I made a raw chocolate cherry tart in honor of the birthdays. We skipped the candles and singing, but dug in like it was OUR birthday. This may be the richest and most satisfying dessert in the whole entire world and the next universe over. The cherry flavor is very slight. Not too strong. Not too weak. I served it with coconut vanilla bean ice cream. The depth of the tart pairs well with the lightness of the ice cream. Besides the flavor, what I love most about this dessert is all the goodness it entails. Your body will benefit from eating every single ingredient blended into this chocolaty tart…A true rarity when it comes to dessert.

INGREDIENT SPOTLIGHT                                                                                                                                                                               Raw Cacao  

Before the cacao bean is processed with sugar and dairy to make your favorite chocolate bar, it is a packed with vitamins and minerals. Raw cacao, which can be found in the form of butter, nibs, powder or beans, is high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, magnesium and Omega 6s. Ready for a shocker…raw cacao is said to help prevent cavities. Yup-sir-e. Cacao is high in Theobromine, which kills a strain of bacteria that causes cavities. It is also one of the highest food sources of magnesium, which is the most deficient mineral of a modern day diet. Raw cacao is a bit pricey but defiantly worth it for the health benefits.



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