Lemon + Basil + Pasta

IMG_3736Today is a big day. Possibly one of the most exciting Sundays of the entire year. When I tell you why it’s a big day you may judge me a little, but I am ok with that. Today marks the day  The Bachelor wedding is on TV. It’s a big day not only because The Bachelor is one of my favorite shows, but also because Catherine and Sean are one of the few bachelor couples that’s actually made it down the aisle. Most of the couples break-up when reality sets in and their dates consist of dinner and a movie rather than fantasy suites on private islands.   See what I mean, big day. By the way, I am fully aware I’m one of the few who still watches the Bachelor. In college my friends and I would gather every Monday night to watch the trainwrecks women compete for those valuable red roses. As time went on my friends slowly started to drop out of the viewing party until I was left with just myself. I can’t tear myself away from the show. It is one of my guilty pleasures and I am sticking to it.

In celebration of the big show tonight I had Taber choose what we had for dinner. Staying true to his pasta loving self, he chose one of his favorite dishes, Lemon Basil Pasta. I usually serve this pasta in the summer, but since today felt like summer here in Austin, I went ahead and made it. I am glad I did and so is he.

Disclaimer- Taber does not share my love of The Bachelor, so he isn’t looking forward to the show tonight, but he is happy he gets a good meal out of it.

In the recipe I posted 3-4 tablespoons of lemon juice for the creamy pasta sauce. I originally used four tablespoons which Taber thought was a bit on the strong side. I would suggest starting with three and adding more if you prefer. Personally, I like a stronger lemony taste. Adding some prosciutto would taste great in this pasta. Cook the prosciutto with a bit of olive oil and garlic in a small sauté pan and add it to the pasta after adding the lemon sauce.


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