Herb Stuffed Chicken Breast

IMG_3804When we found out we were expecting a little one, Taber and I decided it was time to bid farewell to downtown living and move into a house with a yard.  This was a bittersweet decision. On one hand I was super excited to be able to let Lily out in the morning without having to change out of my raggedy sweat pants that should have gone to goodwill many years ago (not proper elevator attire). On the other hand, I was sad to leave the downtown life of being able to walk to restaurants and the dog park. Luckily we found a house five minutes from downtown, so we didn’t have to move too far away. It isn’t within walking distance to our second home usual dog park, but we can live with a short drive.  I immediately fell in love with this house. The large kitchen and closet both spoke to my heart, but what hooked me was the flourishing herb garden in the back yard. Once I saw that I was ready to sign the lease in permenant marker. It was meant to be. Since moving in I have been itching to use the herbs. Today was the day it happened.  And I have a feeling I am going to be using them nightly.

I made a herb stuffed chicken breast using fresh oregano from the garden, spinach, prosciutto, garlic and a white cheddar cheese. Putting melted cheese on anything pretty much guarantees it will be delicious, so I didn’t have too many worries about this recipe not turning out. “Stuffed Chicken” sounds like it would be difficult to put together, but it was quite simple. For that reason, it is the perfect dish to make while entertaining. Your guests will think you slaved over the stove all day when really you had enough time to prepare dinner, get a massage, pedicure and manicure.

To keep some moisture in the chicken, I suggest covering it with foil when baking it. That way the heat won’t dry out the chicken breast.

I used an organic raw milk white cheddar cheese to stuff the chicken. It paired well with the salty prosciutto and herbs. Any cheese would work well in this recipe.


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