Banana Pancakes

IMG_3820Jack Johnson gets full credit for these Banana Pancakes. Not because he was here in my kitchen cooking with me (how awesome would that be), but because hearing one verse of his song on Pandora inspired this recipe. I’m sure I’m not the first person this has happened too. Now that I think of it, Jack Johnson should get some sort of royalty on Banana Pancakes.

I love bananas, but want my pancakes to taste like pancakes not like a full fledged banana. For that reason, I love this little gem of a pancake recipe. It has a very subtle banana flavor. Just enough to get the point across that they are made with bananas.

I used 2% milk in the recipe. Use any milk you have on hand or your favorite nondairy milk. Just be sure the nondairy milk is unsweetened.



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