Watermelon + Honey + Mint Soda


Hello again, I’ve been off the radar for awhile because of a cute little fella that has been taking up all my time. The little fella I’m talking about weighs in at 6 pounds 15 ounces and is 19.5 inches long. He is the cutest of all cute babies. I’m a bit biased because he is my son ūüôā He is six weeks old and has been an absolute joy.¬† Now back to blogging….

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the summers. It is hot hot hot. Technically it isn’t summer yet, but once temps hit the 90s it’s officially summer by my standards.¬† To beat the heat I have single handedly been keeping the watermelon farmers in business. I can’t get enough of it. After day 7 of drinking straight watermelon juice, I decided it was time to fancy it up a bit.¬†Just how did I do this? By juicing¬†half a watermelon, adding soda water, honey and mint and wa-la… watermelon honey soda was born. After a while that plain watermelon juice¬†can start to feel pretty boring.¬†¬†Enjoyable but nothing too special. By adding just a bit of¬†honey, soda water and a touch of¬†mint it¬†transforms the watermelon juice¬†into the swankiest of swanky drinks.¬†Just having this drink in your hand¬†multiplies your cool factor by 100.¬† You’ll go from feeling normal to feeling like a rock star in one sip. I’m not sure how it does this, but it does. It may be the pretty pink hue, perfect balance of sweetness, the uber refreshing taste or a combo of all three. Whatever it is, it works.

This drink is fit for a crowd.¬† At your next summer get together, whip this up¬†for your guests to enjoy and¬†they¬†¬†will¬†experience¬†that¬†fancy and luxurious effect.¬†¬†I mean really,¬†who doesn’t want their cool factor to be multiplied by a 100 all while sipping on a pretty pink¬†drink on a warm summer night. I know I do!


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