Greek Salad

IMG_4689I love salads. Not dainty little side salads with a few leafs of lettuce and one slice of tomato, I’m talking about big hearty keep you satisfied for hours salad.  The type of salad that you eat out of a mixing bowl because it doesn’t fit on a salad plate. Those are the salads I love. My salad of choice this summer has been a greek salad with basil and garbanzo beans. So simple. So good. It has also been my staple summer BBQ dish. Anytime we go to a BBQ this little gem of a salad is my contribution.

The measurements and ingredients are super flexible, just one reason I’m this salads biggest fan.   Throw in whatever you have in your fridge that needs to be used. Some days I have less tomatoes and more cucumber, or I may only have half an avocado.  Add whatever your little heart desires,  toss and enjoy.




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