Hello World

I am back! No longer as a student documenting my experience in NYC for culinary school,   but as a natural foods chef and nutritionist. Here on The Honest Plate I  will share recipes and nutrition tips  that will benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. What you eat dictates your entire well-being, so my recipes use only the purest ingredients which will nourish you from the inside out and help you feel the best version of yourself…hello gorgeous hair and unstoppable energy!   I want a healthier you so you can live a happier life.

I studied at The Natural Gourmet Institute, the leading health supportive culinary school  in NYC, where I learned to  create a framework for healthy food selection.  Since graduating I have been working as a private chef and nutritionist. I deeply love what I do and am excited to share it with all of you (or just my mom and dad…because they are my two guaranteed blog readers).

     The above picture is of me and my sous chef, Lily.  Along with nutrition and cooking, Lily is my other obsession. She is half dog half human (ok, maybe not but don’t tell her that. She thinks she is 100% human). Don’t be surprised if I throw in a couple of recipes for dogs.
Welcome to my crazy kitchen.